PRIDE at the end of my street

25 Jun

Riot of Rainbows - Paris Pride Photo by Jennifer FlueckigerWe heard the tell-tale honking of horns this afternoon.  We live near the Bastille in Paris.  This very important site in French history is often the rallying point for demonstrations and marches.  There is usually something on most weekends and car horns play a large part in the French making themselves heard.

This one was different.  After the car horns, came dance music, really loud dance music. The windows were shaking. We went to the windows and saw the riot of rainbows.  It was the Marche des Fiertes LGBT, Paris PRIDE at the end of our street! Fantastic!

Off to go show support and enjoy the music and atmosphere.Bastille PRIDE - Photo by Jennifer Flueckiger

Pour L’Egalite!PRIDE supporter - Photo by Jennifer Flueckiger

3 Responses to “PRIDE at the end of my street”

  1. Annie Gunner Logan at 6:08 pm #

    Hey Jen

    I was coming back from J.Lo’s 50th Birthday party in the Ardeche – eleven years ago, no less – and I stopped off in Paris on the way. I stayed in a little hotel just down from the Gare de Lyon and went for a wander to the Bastille – at that very moment, the whole Pride parade arrived, in full flood, and the first person I bumped into was none other than Tom Joy, formerly of Children in Scotland. Christ, he said, I came here for some anonymity. No chance! We proceeded to get utterly plastered. Figurez-vous! (Another fine French expression, by the way).

  2. Emma at 10:52 pm #

    only joined in the end?

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